Spring Has Sprung

red trillium in the woods

I hope that you are doing well in this, our 5467th week of self-isolation – or so it would seem. It’s hard. Some of us are managing young children, ageing parents, running our own businesses, and helping spouses run their businesses, all from the discomfort of our own busy homes. We are stressed. And if that isn’t enough, we’re bombarded on social media with tales and images of people planting gardens, baking bread, writing symphonies… Speaking of writing symphonies, this music teacher wrote a lovely song you might really relate to. Check out her TikTok. I had a great laugh!


book cover for The Checklist Manifesto

I just finished reading The Checklist Manifesto. It was published over ten years ago, but it is still useful, current, and full of brilliant insights. I’ve updated several of my business processes to include both CHECK-DO and DO-CONFIRM checklists. I encourage you to read The Checklist Manifesto. Or feel free to connect with me, and we can talk about how to implement checklists into your business processes.


circles in a loop showing the hedonic cycle - happy, adapt, see, want, buy, happy, etc.

Rex Sanders over at Backpacking Light, wrote a great post entitled, Buy Less, Do More with Good Enough Gear. It has some great questions to ask yourself before buying or lusting after new gear – and not just camping gear. It a great way to start decluttering your home, and it will help you jump off that “hedonic treadmill.”


chalk drawing on sidewalk a balanced diet is chocolate in both hands

Every morning that it doesn’t rain (or snow), a neighbour down the street writes a chalk message on their driveway. I’ve never met these neighbours, but I sure do agree with their idea of balance! all, take care of yourself and take care of each other.

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