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I’m just starting my business. Do I need a virtual assistant?

Yes! I can help you brand your documents for a consistent, professional look — like you’ve been in business for years. Let me help you complete your website updates and write a few blog posts. We can set up efficient administrative processes right at the start so you can spend more time working with clients and generating income.

I’ve got so much to do! How would I train a virtual assistant to do it all?

Don’t worry! We will have a few discussions, and I will look through your past work to see how it has been done and carry on from there. We can set up some systems that will streamline your business processes. This will save you time!

Can I not just hire someone from a freelance site?

Sure! You’ll likely get a better rate. But will you get customized, confidential service? When you hire me, you get me — dedicated to helping you thrive!

Will you make me use different software and apps?

Not necessarily. If the software you are using now does the job, there might be no need to change. Sometimes though, we outgrow the tools we used when we started our businesses. If you feel that is the case, we can explore solutions together to ensure everyone on your team is satisfied.

What are your rates?

For routine, consistent work, it is easiest to purchase a package. My flexible packages are based on my clients’ needs. You only pay for the tasks you need me to work on. We will work together to determine the best fit for your budget.

How do I pay you?

Clients pay for their retainer packages in advance at the beginning of the month. Canadian payments are made via e-transfer. International payments are made via credit card or Apple Pay. Please note that late payments may mean that I cannot complete your work during that month. Non-payment will result in a suspension of services.

Do we talk face-to-face or by email? How do we communicate?

That is really up to you. There are several ways we can do face-to-face telemeetings. Email, phone calls, and text messages are possible too. We can decide on a method and frequency to suit your needs. The important thing is that we communicate regularly. My office hours are usually Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 16:00 but may vary depending on the day. If you occasionally need to meet outside regular business hours due to time zone differences, it is possible.

What about confidential information?

My privacy practices are in accordance with all federal and provincial laws and regulations. I comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

The security and integrity of my clients’ personal information are very important to me. I take every reasonable measure necessary to protect the privacy of my clients while providing the services they expect. This includes using password-protected computers, hard drives, cloud drives, and other devices on which I might access my clients’ information. I review my privacy and security safeguards on a regular basis and revise them if necessary.

My contracts include a confidentiality & non-disclosure clause. This reassures clients that the information I will not disclose or disseminate any information I collect. I do not sell, trade or share clients’ contact information nor use any confidential information without the express written consent from the client and then only use such information for the purpose for which it was intended.

I carry Commercial General Liability Insurance for Information Technology, Errors and Omissions, and Cyber Insurance for Multimedia.

Do you store my files on your computer?

I can, but I prefer to set up a shared cloud folder (e.g. Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, etc.) where I can access the files you need me to use. It is more efficient and you are in control of all of your documents. If you don’t know how to set up a shared cloud drive, don’t worry. I can help you with that.

How do you manage my email and other online accounts? Do I have to give you my passwords?

In most cases, you can set me up as an authorized user and I log in with my own credentials. Sometimes, I might need your usernames and passwords to log in to your accounts. Together we will explore what options are available and how best to accomplish the tasks you need me to do while still carefully protecting your confidential information.

How do I find out more before I hire you?

I offer a free, no-obligation discovery call. Use the contact form to tell me about you, your business, or any upcoming projects you want help with. I’ll email you back to set up an appointment.

Do you still have questions?

Tools I Use and Love

I am a referral partner for these products and services because I use them regularly and believe in them. If you click on the links (images or text) or register or make a purchase, I may earn a small commission.

NameCheap logo
I’ve used Namecheap since 2011 to purchase domain names hassle-free. They make it easy to transfer your domains to their service and they have excellent support.
WordPress logo
I’ve used since 2006. It’s the best platform to host a website. The Business plan includes premium themes, plugins, and auto-updates. No more website maintenance!
1Password logo
I’ve used 1Password to manage my passwords since 2008. Save time and mental stress when you save your passwords securely in your 1Password vault.
Wave logo
Wave provides small business owners with invoicing, online payments, and accounting tools. Many features are free and the pay-per-use options are reasonably priced.
MailerLite logo
MailerLite is an easy-to-use email newsletter system with a free plan that includes lots of features. It scales as your business grows – all for a reasonable price.
I’ve worked with Mailchimp since 2006. This robust email newsletter system integrates easily with many other platforms allowing you to streamline your business processes.

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