About Jacki

I’m an introvert and I really don’t like writing about myself in detail so here are a few tidbits of information.

Apparently, my personality type is INTJ-A, one of the rarer types. I’m hard-working, determined, independent, and l have a quick and strategic mind. I can come across as arrogant and judgmental. Highly structured environments with rules for the sake of rules are not my thing. Rules for health, safety, and happy, productive workplace are my thing. I could have chosen a career path as an evil genius but I prefer to make the world a better place.

I am a military spouse. Since we got married in 1991, we’ve moved house 12 times, lived in five different provinces, and three different countries. We’re not done yet. I write about my military adventures at Canadian Army Wife.

I have an M.Sc. in Food Chemistry, specifically fats and oils. Because of our frequent moves, I’ve never held the same job for more than three years. I learn fast and in-depth. My background is diverse and I’m adaptable. If you want more information about my education and work history, connect with me on LinkedIn.

USS_Enterprise_PatchI’m a big Star Trek fan. I’ve been to two conventions, one in Frankfurt, the other in London. They were great. I also love Star Wars, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Harry Potter.

I like animals — sometimes better than people. My dog has his own Instagram account.

I don’t do competitive sports unless you count the fact that I am always competing with my former self. Sports in which I’ve participated include:jacki_jumping

  • Swimming: I have no credentials or formal training. I just enjoy it.
  • Horse riding: I have about 35 years’ experience at a variety of venues, OEF English Rider Level 6, and Pony Club level B2. Horse shows aren’t my thing. I prefer bringing along young/green horses.
  • Combat Physical Training: It’s a mild form of kickboxing I do this for fitness, agility, and hand-eye coordination — and because I like to hit things.
  • Taekwondo: I got my red belt ages ago but I do not currently practice. I did it mostly for fitness and to kick the shit out of stuff.
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: I used do this for fitness and self-defence training but most of the people in my classes were half my age and twice my weight. I just couldn’t keep up. If you know of someone offering Geriatric Jiu Jitsu classes, let me know.

I am an ally. Deal with it.

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