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Jacki Hollywood Brown

Virtual Assistant at Productively Organized

I am a military spouse. We’ve moved house 13 times, and lived in five different provinces, and three different countries in the past 30+ years. Becoming a virtual assistant was a way for me to work from wherever I am.

I love to help small businesses succeed by designing systems, structures, and processes that improve productivity, efficiency, and cohesiveness. Driven by a desire to create harmonized workflows and workplaces, I’m quite content to work behind the scenes to ensure businesses have internal structures to keep things running smoothly and teams continuously improving.

Let’s leverage the systems, tools, and structures you already possess to facilitate change, ensure everyone is heard, and find a better path forward for you and your team.

Contact Jacki Hollywood Brown to learn more about how virtual assistant services can help your small business succeed.

See the Office & Meet the Staff

desk with laptop computer, monitor, filing box, lamp, glasses, notebook and pen.
Productively Organized Headquarters
As Charming Army Officer, I provide support and encouragement. In my “spare time” I defend the country. As Chief Infrastructure Officer I ensure cars, bicycles, and internet services run smoothly.
As Chief Outdoor Officer I ensure that staff walk outdoors at least four times a day regardless of the weather. As Chief Security Officer, I guard and protect against rabbits, squirrels, other dogs, and humans that I do not know. I chase the CCO/CFO for fun.
As Chief Compliance Officer I ensure that everyone works hard to meet exacting standards which includes opening and closing the patio door at inconvenient intervals and jumping on their heads at 04:30. As Chief Fur Officer, I spread hair all over the entire house.
Former CTO/Current Consultant
During my 20+ years as Chief Technical Officer, I completed a B.Maths. I still provide technical support and thoroughly brush the CFO whenever I can.
Former CHR/Current Consultant
During my 20+ years as Chief of Human Resources, I completed a diploma in Human Resources. I still provide HR support & walk the COO whenever I can.

I acknowledge that the land I live on is the traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg people. The Algonquin peoples have lived on this land since time immemorial. I am grateful to have the opportunity to be present in this territory. Learn more about the Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition.