About Jacki

Why did I become a virtual assistant?

jacki hollywood brown
Photo courtesy Julie Bestry.

I am a military spouse. We’ve moved house 13 times, lived in five different provinces, and three different countries in the past 25+ years. Becoming a virtual assistant was a way for me to work from wherever I am.

I love to help small businesses succeed by designing systems, structures, and processes that improve productivity, efficiency, and cohesiveness. Driven by a desire to create harmonized workflows and workplaces, I’m quite content to work behind the scenes to ensure businesses have internal structures to keep things running smoothly and teams continuously improving.

Let’s leverage systems, tools, and structures you already possess to facilitate change, ensure everyone is heard, and find a better path forward for you and your team.

More details about Jacki…


I have been using computers since the early 1980s – from typing code into MS-DOS to formatting documents on my current MacBook Pro. I’ve been using MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) since it was invented. Although I do not design or build websites, I’ve been working with the WordPress platform since about 2007.

I have an M.Sc. in Food Chemistry, specifically fats and oils. I’ve worked in the manufacturing, retail, and service industries. If you want more information about my education and work history, connect with me on LinkedIn.

I’m hard-working, determined, independent, and l have a quick and strategic mind. My Myers-Briggs my personality type is INTJ-A, one of the rarer types, which makes it easy for me to work virtually.

I don’t do competitive sports but I do enjoy keeping active. I walk my dog a lot and help him manage his Instagram account.